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Center for Professional Accounting Support
TNF 400.00 - Excise tax declaration + TNF 421.00 Calculation of excise tax for a structural unit

TNF 400.00, 200.00, 300.00, 570.00, 710.00, 910.00, 913.00, 101.03, 701.01, 870.00, 590.00, 860.00
We will help you solve any questions
Business registration
Remotely open a sole proprietor or LLP
*Free of charge
of accounting records
We will put the financial and tax statements in full order
from 30 000 tenge
Internal audit
We will help you check the financial condition of the business and the reliability of the reports
from 50 000 tenge
Accounting services
We will take care of all the worries and keep confidential information confidential
от 150 000 тг
We will take care of accounting while you are doing business
We will give recommendations on methods for optimizing the tax burden, taking into account the requirements of the law.
We will reduce taxes
We keep all records, count/pay taxes, submit reports.
We`ll put the accounting department in order
We will respond to the requirements of the tax service. We will unlock the current account.
We will take over communicationwith regulatory authorities
We will study the state of the accounting department and identify the risks. We will advise you on choosing the optimal tax system.
We`ll analyze the business at the start
We form personnel documents in a timely manner. Convenient salary projects with leading banks
We will report on the employees
We will help in word and deed
Tips and recommendations for accounting, contract development and personnel management.
We`ll teach you
We`ll tell you
In chat, messengers, by Email and phone. Without abstruse accounting terms and snobbery.
We`ll set it up
Exchange with IS ESF and other business services. We will make accounting friends with banks and online sales registers.
Compare and see why you should choose us:
The accountant is always in touch
and convenience
Risk of confidential information leakage
Liability insurance
Your accountant
is on staff
from 200,000 tenge per month
You are hiring an employee who is limited by their competencies and experience
Communication is established
Average risk
But an accountant can get sick/ go on maternity leave/ quit
An employee may disappear from the accounting database and the counterparty database
A freelancer or a novice accountant
from 70,000 tenge per month
It is not easy for you to find a good specialist, evaluate skills and experience
Communication is difficult
High risk
The problem with feedback
An accountant is at hand, but may get sick/ go on maternity leave / quit
Accounting services from Profusion Projects
from 150,000 tenge per month
We will select a team of specialists for your industry
Communication is established
Minimal risk
The business assistant is always in touch with you as a single entry window for all questions
We work under the contract of the offer, we guarantee confidentiality and preservation of trade secrets
Liability is insured
for 100 000 000 tenge
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