Министерство Финансов и Ценных Бумаг (МФЦА)

Registration of companies in the AIFC

The IFC is a leading financial center with an international status and located in the heart of Kazakhstan. The AIFC offers investors and companies unique opportunities for development and growth.

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The IFC employs English law, which is the most preferred for companies, operates a completely independent court, and uses flexible methods of resolving disputes between entities.
It is allowed to hire citizens from other countries, there are a large number of simplified visa procedures and other business benefits, including many tax advantages.
The MFC allows companies to issue various shares and there are no requirements for the minimum amount of authorized capital for organizations.
Stage 2
New legal entities can be created in a variety of forms, from private, public, investment and to non-profit, private foundations and general partnerships, as well as limited and limited liability companies.
First, you should specify what kind of activity the company is going to do. If the activity is considered licensed, you need to log in to get a license. If the activity is not licensed, it is allowed to start registration.
Stage 1
Next, the name of the company is selected, it must comply with the rules that are indicated for the legal form. The structure of the company is indicated, it must have from one shareholder and there must be a head.
Stage 3
Stage 4
If suddenly the shareholder or the head is a citizen of another country, you need to get an IIN. A package of documentation is being prepared for the registration procedure, and a registration fee of three hundred US dollars is being paid.
On average, the company is registered within fourteen days (working days), and a license is issued on the basis of the MFC. As a rule, the registration period is faster.
Stage 5
Registration procedure
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